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Leah Remini

Superbowl... quite possibly THE party of the year in many homes across the country.  Not exactly a time most people pick to be healthier or… Read More

Keep Your Holiday Tree Fresh & Green This Year

Keeping your holiday tree green and fresh through the season is possible! Use the tips here and extend the freshness of your holiday tree this… Read More

Benefits of Meditation

Simple Guide to Meditation

A SIMPLE GUIDE TO MEDITATION  By Celia Ward-Wallace This Simple Guide to Mediation is just what the doctor ordered to help make it through your… Read More


By Sasha Stone It may sound cliché, but yoga changed my life, and continues to with every practice. From that transformation, I have created this… Read More

Green Spring Cleaning

Green Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is all about clearing the air, banishing those last traces of the dismal winter months, welcoming back the sunlight, celebrating the return of… Read More

homemade wood polish

This homemade furniture polish recipe is so simple you'll wonder why you haven't always been caring for your wood this way! It is made with… Read More