the Pure Natural Diva Story

Organic Perfume

With Pure Natural Diva Botanicals you can feel GOOD about smelling GREAT!

We’ve spent the years sourcing and sharing the latest & greatest in natural and eco savvy products on We KNOW what’s working and what’s not.

We know that the market it full of products that claim to be natural and organic, some are, some aren’t, and frankly… it’s overwhelming.

We’ve heard you when you’ve said:

  • you want products that first and foremost perform.
  • you want to reduce or avoid potentially harmful ingredients & toxins in your life
  • you want to support business’ guided by socially and environmentally conscious principles
  • you don’t know who to trust.

At Pure Natural Diva Botanicals we know we can make one detail of your WAY too crazy life simpler.  You can TRUST us because for years before we created a SINGLE product we have been sharing our passion for helping people be kind to their bodies and their planet.

There is NOT another natural lifestyle brand in the market that can make this claim.

We have folded the values that we have embraced on into our products and offerings at PND Botanicals. Making your choice simple.

Love Pure Natural Diva – you’ll love our products.

“Pure Natural Living is contagious and Tania (Pure Natural Diva) manages to walk the line of being informative and entertaining without being preachy or unrealistic.”  Eric Close Star of Nashville

“Pure Natural Diva is a dedicated to providing information for Pure Natural Living. It’s about making kinder, healthier choices that simplify and improve life…”  Leah Remini Star of King of Queens

The story that lead Tania (Founder and CEO) to the create Pure Natural Diva is central to her unique approach to the PND Brand and moving forward in product development.

Tania’s mom was a young teen and a hippy when she was born. Growing up they lived in a teepee, a communal dairy farm and she moved schools 17 times. Of course she rebelled, craved a “normal life” and moved out on her own by the age of 16. In pursuit of her “normal” she ended up in Los Angeles married a successful writer (Here Comes the Boom, Zookeeper, King of Queens) and became a not so Hollywood, “Hollywood Wife”. It was after the birth of her first child in 2009 that she founded Pure Natural Diva. Tania had discovered her mother was ahead of her time in many ways, but she wasn’t quite ready to trade her Louboutin’s for Birkenstocks.

Tania found herself in the middle of a conundrum.  There was no going back to the teepee, but she couldn’t continue on her “pre-baby” path.  Pure Natural Diva was her solution; eco savvy living full of fabulous. Now she’s created Pure Natural Diva Botanicals a remarkable line of high performing naturals, so you can feel GOOD about smelling GREAT.

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