What is your return policy
We want you to fall in love with Pure Natural Diva Botanical Perfumes.  To make this easy we have created: sample sets  & gift giving made easy offers that enable you to find the perfect scent before committing to a full size bottle!

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals will accept returns of unused and unopened products within 14 days from shipping date. Unfortunately and without exception, we cannot accept returns on used or opened items.

Read Further for full details on our Return Policy.

Are your perfumes in a alcohol or oil base?
If the state allowed us, we would say all our perfumes are made an Organic Alcohol base, but we;re not allowed to say that, so instead we’ll say that we source our Alcohol, which is used at the base of our perfumes from a small supplier that creates their alcohol using pesticide free corn, which would make it… you know…
Are your perfumes Gluten Free?
While we have not lab tested our perfumes we use no ingredients that contain gluten.  Our alcohol is corn based.
I’m allergic to perfume, can I wear Pure Natural Diva?
What we suggest is you order a sample set and try the perfumes before purchasing a full bottle.  Anyone can have a reaction to any ingredient, natural or synthetic.  That said, we have spoken to countless people who say they typically react to perfumes and when they have tried Pure Natural Diva – they have been delighted to find they don’t have a reaction.
I noticed that Pure Natural Diva Botanicals appear to be colorful.  Will they stain my clothing?
Some of the scents do contain colorful ingredients.  Once atomized they shouldn’t be noticeable, but to be extra SAFE put your Botanicals on immediately after you shower… or test them on your wrist away from your clothing. Again, this shouldn’t be an issue, but we don’t want your to take any chances with your favorite outfits!
Do you test your perfume on Animals?
We do not test our perfumes on animals.  As long as I have perfectly willing children the animals in our house are safe.
 A Special Note About Shipping Timelines
 Please let us know if you have need your product quickly.
We are a micro producer, making our products in house, hand filling, labeling, packing and such.  To allow for this it can take extra time to process orders – as we’r not simply pulling product off a shelf.    We typically ship 3-4 times per month.  AGAIN, if you have a special timeline – please email and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate your request.
We are also spend around 80 days a year in New York due to family work commitments – if you’re order arrives while we’re away, we will email you with the option to cancel your order.
Please reach out with any questions purenaturalliving@gmail.com