What to Expect from PND Botanical Perfumes?

Natural Perfume
How will Botanicals Wear on My Body?

Your own biochemistry directly impacts not only how long our Botanical Perfumes will stay on your skin, but also how they will smell.

Botanical Perfumes tend to wear close to the body, giving the wearer an intimate fragrance experience. Wearing our botanicals you will never walk into a room after your perfume. Because we don’t use synthetics fixatives we rely on the natural properties of our ingredients to provide a long lasting smell.

Most wearers share they enjoy the botanicals 6 hours after spritzing… and with some notes the wearer will get up to 24 hours. This can also vary greatly with physical activity.

Think of Botanical Perfumes in the same way you’d thin of your favorite wine.

Seasonal Variation

Each vintage is made with the same ingredients and the winemaker endeavor to capture the most loved characteristics of your favorite blend year after year.  That said, one of the best things about nature, it changes all the time.  No two harvests are ever exactly the same.  So there are subtle variations from year to year.  It is the complexity of wine making that makes it a passion to so many around the world.

Botanical Perfumes are very similar.  They are made natural ingredients that can change from season to season… these  variations are your assurance that you are getting a true natural perfume.

How Long Will It Last?

Also like wine, Botanical Perfumes will develop new characteristics as they age, often mellowing, as sharp notes will soften.  This is one of the beauties our perfume.

Expect PND Botanicals to stay fresh for a year in a cool dark cabinet. We’ve experienced many botanicals that are much older and have only gotten better with age (sound like anyone you know?).  Use your nose, if it smells good wear it!

In the meantime, who are you saving it for?  You only live once – use it, and ENJOY!


Your Botanical Perfume may maintain a uniform appearance.  It’s OK!  Don’t panic, there is nothing wrong with your PND Botanicals!  Some of the materials come in solid form before they are blended.  We hand filter all our blends, but many of the blends will have a cloudy appearance that is to be expected.

If the perfumes sit for an extended time you may notice some sediment at the bottom of the bottle.  Don’t panic.  Simply pick up the bottle and give it a little shake – good as new!

If you are used to conventional perfumes some of these characteristics may seem unusual – synthetic perfumes tend to be much more stable aesthetically.  And if a consistent, cloudless, sediment free perfume is important to you, please choose a synthetic.  In my experience, a true botanical can not deliver an experience that will meet your needs.

If you see these qualities your assurance that you are getting exactly what we promise and  you are ready to be a Pure Natural Diva!