What are Botanical Perfumes

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Our definition of Botanical Perfumes

If you’ve never heard the words “Botanical” and “Perfume” together before you are might be wondering… what exactly are Botanical Perfumes?

At Pure Natural Diva we define Botanical Perfumes as a perfume crafted with ingredients sourced 100% from nature.

Within this definition we include:

  • Plant based ingredients like essential oils, CO2’s, SCO2’s, concretes — did we just lose you ?  All those terms refer to the exact method of extracting the material from the plant.
  • Resins from trees and elements like amber oil that are extracted from actual amber
  • Additionally we tincture ingredients.  Tincturing involve blending dried materials with alcohol and allowing them to seep like a tea for many months.  This process naturally imparts the essence of the tinctured ingredient into the alcohol.

Almost as important as what we include, is what we leave out.  Pure Natural Diva Botanicals contain NONE of the following:

  • no phthalates – Phthalates  are in 90% of the perfumes in the marketplace, and are a suspected hormone disrupter.
  • Synthetics – Synthetic Ingredients are found in over 90% of the perfumes in the marketplace, one particularly common synthetic musk is known for it’s neurotoxicity and has been banned in Japan since the 1980’s!

We blend all these ingredients together artfully and the result is a 100% Botanical Perfume.  They smell great, wear well and are free of all synthetic ingredients and phthalates.