the Thank You’s

Organic Perfume

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals would not exist with out the efforts many.  Thank you for all your time and commitment.  This would not have been possible without your support!

Raising  a Business Takes a Village!

Social Media Moms – You were my sounding board… my second opinions and I couldn’t have done it without you fine ladies!  Mad Skillz!!

Rajean Campbell –  You read MANY of my most important letters before I send them out… thank you for being there, over and over again.

Elena White – Mistress of the excel sheets and our future CFO.  Without you… we would be guestimating… a lot!

Sportscraft – They engraved our prototypes, fast turn around, and super nice guys!

Belisa Silva – For believing in us and sharing our story… at the very beginning.

My Husband – He’s had to share me with this new venture.  It’s not always easy, but I am grateful for his love and support.

My Children – It’s  been so much fun sharing this experience with them.  They have smelled every version of every formula and love sniffing new ingredients!AND last but not least …

YOU for embracing your inner essence and wearing Pure Natural Diva and sharing our story with your friends!!!


This site wouldn’t look nearly as good as it does without the work of some great photographers…

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