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Quintessential New York Evening

While I was in New York this summer for Blogher one of my BBF's threw an unbelievable party in the penthouse of the London Hotel… Read More

Cafe Blossom: Diva Review

While I was in New York City  for Blogher I had a chance to sit down with Neha from Greenista. We had lunch at Cafe… Read More

Disney Adventure: Family Fun

Living in Southern California - I think I delayed our inevitable  first family visit to the Disneyland Theme Park for as long as possible -… Read More

Where were we - oh yeah - Dude slipped out of our room at Estancia La Jolla while I got my beauty rest. I eventually… Read More

Child Free & La Jolla Bound

It has been almost 2 years since Dude and I made our last child free escape.  With two children 16 months apart and no family… Read More

Part 2 - read part one here. Where were we?  Dude and I had just checked into Estancia La Jolla for our first weekend getaway… Read More