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Hearing loss is an issue I've battled with most of my life.  I've had numerous ear surgeries and am personally grateful to Dr. Rick Friedman… Read More

Check Out With An Extra Source of BPA

Next time you check out at the grocery store - you might be getting a little more than you bargained for with your grocery total… Read More

10 Americans

This is a great presentation by the President of the EWG, Ken Cook. The risk of Cancer in the United States is higher than any… Read More

Every mom has it, a cold and flu survival kit.  An arsenal of go to remedies that helps their family survive cold and flu season… Read More

Summer is coming - which sunscreen will you slather on your skin? Sunscreen is a product that we are encouraged to use to protect ourselves… Read More

I don't like "Organic"

      Did you ever taste a cookie you didn't like?  Probably. What about ice cream, do you enjoy EVERY flavor? Probably Not. We… Read More