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Tony Robbins Daily Gratitude & Abundance Ritual

A friend (Lewis Howes) had the opportunity to interview Tony Robbins.  The discussion was full of wisdom and insight delivered in a relaxed unplugged format. I highly recommend making time to watch and digest it!

Tony Robbins Gratitude

I particularly enjoyed hearing Tony reveal his DAILY gratitude ritual. Years ago Sir John Templeton shared this with Tony – “It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t have gratitude.”

Every day Tony wakes up and spends 10 minutes in a gratitude ritual.

It’s not complicated or time consuming… a few minutes less on news, television, Facebook. Tony refers to it as priming or meditation. The purpose of this daily exercise is to train the mind to focus on finding things to be grateful for in our daily lives – apparently we can’t be simultaneously stressed out, angry, or frustrated – and grateful… the mind doesn’t work this way. So his daily practice is all about conditioning your mind to alter your state.


1. 3.5 Minutes on what he’s grateful for – he suggest to make one or two of these micro focused – the wind on your face, the smile of your favorite child.
2. 3.5 Minutes thinking about 3 things you want to create in your life – today or in the future. Anything you want to create.
3. 3.5 Minutes Strengthening Healing – focusing on healing power for the day.

That’s It. SMILE and start your day.

I’m planning on incorporating this into my day – what about you? I’d love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page or below!

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