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Benefits of Meditation

The Benefits of  Meditation

By Celia Ward-Wallace

The Benefits of Meditation are abundant, but some of the most common are a greater sense of calmness, a quiet and peaceful mind, increased energy, greater health, positive mental outlook and overall satisfaction and fulfillment with life.  Meditation is an ancient practice which has now become very popular with good reason.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits from meditation are holistic improving all areas of yourself: your mind, body and soul. Through meditation we are able to release built up stress as well as create stronger immunity and tools to prevent stress from absorbing in our system. While practicing meditation we enter such a deeply restful state that our body is able to heal many of the deficiencies it has.

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Through regular meditation practice we are able to create more energy which fuels all of the cells of our body and we feel more alive, happy, peaceful and connected.  Some of the most common Physical Benefits of Meditation are:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

2. Enhances the Immune System.

3. Increases Energy & Strength

4. Decrease in Cholesterol Levels and Lowers the Risk for Heart Attacks

5. Greater Ability to Breathe Easier

6. Relaxation of the Central Nervous System

7. Cures Insomnia

Psychological benefits of Meditation

The regular practice of meditation increases our Serotonin levels resulting in many positive benefits.  Some of the most common Psychological Benefits of Meditation are:

1. Decreases Anxiety & Worry

2. Increases Self-Worth

3. Increases Serotonin Level resulting in a Happier Disposition

4. Releases Fears & Concerns

5. Quiets the Minds & Helps to Control Thoughts

6. Increases with Focus, Concentration, Productivity & Creativity

7. Increases Overall Satisfaction with Life, Work and Relationships

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

Meditation transports us to a deep state of being where we feel a deep sense of connection, flow, harmony and oneness.  Some of the most common Spiritual Benefits of Meditation are:

1. Creates a Bigger Perspective of Life

2. Helps to Discover Your True Purpose in Life

3. Creates Alignment between Your Mind, Body & Spirit

4. Deepens the Development of Your Intuition

5. Teaches You to Live in the Moment

6. Connects You with Your Higher Power

7. Increases the Synchronicity of Your Life

How to Receive the Benefits of Meditation

In order to receive the benefits of meditation it is important to adopt a regular practice into your daily routine, even if just for a fifteen minutes. The benefits of meditation come over time after repeated practice – your physical, mental and spiritual health grows as you feed yourself with this form of deep relaxation. The great thing about meditation is that is can be practiced at any time, anywhere and it is quick, simple and free! So take a few moments to increase your overall health and well-being and reap the benefits of meditation NOW!

About the Author

Celia Ward-Wallace is a Los Angeles Life Coach, Speaker and the Author of “A Woman’s Guide to Having it All – Life Lessons to Live By.” Be sure to visit Celia’s INSPIRING site and don’t forget to sign up for her AWESOME tips and tools by joining her newsletter at: www.CeliaWardWallace.com

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Do you practice meditation?  What  benefits of meditation  could you use in your life today?

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