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Placebo Effect: A Fascinating Look at the Power of the Brain

A Fascinating Look at the Impact of the Placebo Effect

Wow. I found this and had to share!  The mind is AMAZING.  This presentation takes a closer look at the impact of placebo effect.

Placebo Effect

The Power of our Brain Image Courtesy of TZA

Placebo Effect Include Some of these scenarios:

If you have to identical pills, and price one higher than the other… the higher priced drug will be seen as being more effective!

Doctors will administer sub-therapeutic doses, giving medicines at a dose that won’t do anything – rather than giving a placebo.

In Psychiatry multiple studies have shown that in treating moderate to mild depression – placebos are equally effective!

Dr. Amir Raz discusses’ the Placebo Effect



Dr. Raz has this to say about his recent research:

”While most physicians probably appreciate the clinical merits of placebos, limited guidelines and scientific knowledge, as well as ethical considerations, impede open discussion about the best way we may want re-introduce placebos into the medical milieu,” says Raz. He adds, “This survey provides a valuable starting point for further investigations into Canadian physicians’ attitudes towards and use of placebos.”

Join us to talk more about the placebo effect in the PND community.

How would you feel if you discovered a Placebo Effect had worked for your medical condition?

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