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Our Visit to Park Hyatt Aviara Resort

Park Hyatt Aviara Review

We discovered the Park Hyatt Aviara while we were planning a family  trip to Legoland in Carlsbad, CA.  Carlsbad is just north of San Diego and just over an hours drive from Los Angeles, making it a perfect local getaway.

Park Hyatt Aviara

The Quiet Pool

One of the ways you can make keep your travel eco savvy is to go on local adventures.  I also think local trips are easier on the family in many other ways  too.  For our family, the children are out of diapers, bottles, pack n plays and our world is beginning to open up again!  We are starting to enjoy traveling together as a family!

Those who know me well know that I haven’t been a great a traveling with the lil’s.  Frankly, it exhausted me, but now that they are a little older, it’s actually becoming fun. Especially when you find destinations that truly make it a priority to cater to families like the Park Hyatt Aviara.

Back in the day, we’d escape to one of the many Southern California luxury destinations, but once we had children, it wasn’t quite the same.  We just didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of imposing our children on others – regardless of how delightful they are.  For this trip we were connecting with friends at Legoland, they chose the Park Hyatt Aviara (formerly the Four Seasons Aviara), we decided to go for it.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little  nervous.  Would we REALLY be comfortable with the children at a luxury hotel? Would I be so worried about the lil’s behavior that the trip would be exhausting?

I called the Resort directly to discuss which room might best meet the needs of our family for this trip, I have to share, from my very first contact with the hotel they were very welcoming and made a point of sharing their family friendly amenities.  While they do offer one bedroom suites, we decided to go with 2 adjoining rooms, this ended up working well for us.

Park Hyatt Aviara

Our Room

From the minute you arrive at the Park Hyatt Aviara they let you know that they welcome you and your lil’s. The front desk staff wheels out a wagon full of toys and the children get to pick one – now of course the eco savvy in me wished the toys weren’t made in china 2 days toys – but the message they are sending is clear.  Bring the family.

Family Friendly Amenities at the Park Hyatt Aviara

  • Toy wagon greeting from the front desk
  • Toys & DVD’s available for check out from the Concierge
  • A separate pool area, spa & wading pool dedicated for families
  • A super cool large family room style game room with shuffleboard, pool tables, air hockey and video games (It’s actually 3 rooms)
  • Restaurants with children’s menu’s that go beyond mac n cheese
  • Step stools in the public restrooms for easier hand washing for the lil’s
  • Camp Hyatt.  A free day camp for  children to enjoy during your visit.  Yes… you read that right free.

    Park Hyatt Avaira

    Welcoming Families

Our “unofficial” Aviara Itinerary

Everyone practiced their best manners at afternoon tea in the Lobby Lounge – TIP – book early or you won’t get a reservation!

Park Hyatt Aviara

Clotted Cream & Scones

While the lil’s played in the pool, we took advantage of the poolside lounge.

Park Hyatt Aviara Child Friendly

Pool Time

While the lil’s slept, we took advantage of the games room (we had a sitter!).  Turns out I am clueless when it comes to shuffleboard, but have fun regardless.  I might have become a little addicted during our Aviara stay.

Park Hyatt Aviara Game Room

Great Games!

Dined at Vivace, a wonderful on site Italian Restaurant – they brought carrot sticks with dip out as a starter for the lil’s!  Love that.

Dined at the California Bistro where it’s worth noting children 12 and under dine FREE.  Yes, free.

Park Hyatt Aviara Breakfast Buffet

Breakfast Noms

We had an amazing time.  We took full advantage of the amenities, although I didn’t get a chance to visit the spa… hmmm…. perhaps we’ll have to go back.  SOON!

Park Hyatt Aviara Grounds

The Grounds

Love Letter to the FDA:  After booking our reservation with the Park Hyatt Aviara I was contacted by their PR firm and accepted the discounted media rate during our stay they extended.  As always my opinion remain my own.

Our latest family adventure took us to the Park Hyatt Aviara, where was your last family getaway?

Contact the Park Hyatt Aviara: 760 448 1234

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