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Virtual Girls Night Out & FF: Holiday Edition!

Happy VGNO & FF Virtual Friends – thanks for stopping by.
Below you will find out a little about what I’ve been up to this week PND. Don’t forget to enter our giveaways!

What a week.  I feel like I never really got this one going.

Last weekend was a marathon weekend of parties.  Started with taking the kids to a birthday party, then I had a green girls event for the whole afternoon.  Home for some peace and quiet and oh yeah, some UFC fighting with the guys.  Ahhh.

Then Sunday I got a 911 while I was in Church, my friend was hosing a fundraiser for Help an Mother Out.  She was flat out sick.  So I lent her an extra hand for the afternoon.

That’s wasn’t the end of my weekend.  I still had to rush home to host a party for our family group at church.  With less than an hour between arriving  home guests arriving the whirlwind to get the kids up and house ready was on.

It was during this preparation that Lil’ Dude asked for some mixed nuts, he’d eaten every type of nut without reaction in his past 3 hours, so I said sure.  A few minutes later he was coughing, crying that his mouth was burning and his face had turned bright red and was swelling.  I treated him with Benadryl, he seemed to improve.  He went up for bath time.

When I checked on him before bed, he seemed like he was going the wrong way, puffy face, throwing up, and non stop cough.  It was time to hit the ER.  So I left my own party in very dramatic fashion, taking someone else’s husband with me!

All ended fine.  They administered Epi at the hospital along with a cocktail of who knows what and he was sent home.

Days later he’s fine.  Mom’s a little rattled, carrying an epi pen and reading labels carefully for a whole new reason.

For whatever reason, the rest of the week never quite gelled together.

I’m going to have to bring it to get all the holiday festivities that need to be attended to done for Christmas!

Never a dull moment in parenthood!

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