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By Alisha Tamburri

HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education course that – with the right curriculum – prepares the mother and her birth companion for pregnancy, birth and parenthood. It is a rewarding, stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that when a mother is properly prepared for birthing physically, mentally and spiritually, she can experience the joy of birthing her baby in an easier, more comfortable, and often pain free manner.

Key Advantages of HypnoBirthing:
• Helps to eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birth.
• Reduces the need for chemical anesthesia.
• Helps to eliminates fatigue during labor
• Shortens the first stage of labor
• Brings together mother, baby, and birthing companion in a wonderful prenatal and perinatal bonding experience.
• The birthing companion is an integral part of the birthing.
• Postnatal recovery is rapid and easier.
• Babies are better adjusted and happier.
• Birthing is returned to the beautiful, peaceful experience that nature intended.

Look for a course that has a minimum of 4 meetings and covers the following:
• How fear affects pain in labor and how to release it
• The stages of labor
• Why women in other cultures often birth free of discomfort

• How to use hypnosis to:
1. Take you into a relaxed state
2. Release fear and pain
3. Create the body’s natural anesthesia
• Breathing and visualization techniques
• The importance of the birth companion
• How to prepare the birth plan
• How to prevent tearing and episiotomy
• How to talk to your doctor/midwife and how to deal with hospital staff

With over 20 years experience I believe the most effective HypnoBirthing program available is; HypnoBirthing®The Mongan Method. This is the curriculum that I follow in my teaching. In my opinion this course is the most complete available and other methods are not as effective. If you happen to live in an area that does not have The Mongan Method – my advice would be to find the most complete course offered and supplement that teaching with the HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method
and CD.

Alisha Tamburri is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator specializing in HypnoBirthing®, HypnoFertility®, turning breech babies, lactation, pregnancy, anxiety and Domestic Violence Counseling.

Alisha teaches classes throughout Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.
You can contact Alisha at www.hypnobirthingca.com.

To find a Mongan Method Certified HypnoBirthing Instructor in your area.
To find information on becoming a certified Hypnobirthing Instructor.

Learn more at www.hypnobirthing.com

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  • DadStreet November 22, 2010, 10:51 pm

    Very cool post! This is the first time I’ve heard “Hypnobirthing” mentioned since we had our first child 2 and a half years ago. My wife wanted an all natural child birth. We went through Hypnobirthing classes together and I supported her all the way. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Placenta Previa during the course of her pregnancy and was forced to go through a c-section. This couldn’t have been more of the antithesis of Hypnobirthing. However, because we had been through all the training and listening to all the meditative CD’s she was able to use it after all. While in the hospital minutes before she was wheeled into the O.R. she was listening to her Hypnobirthing meditation and I know it helped relax her. I know I’m a Dad but for what it’s worth if you’re a soon to be Mom interested in natural birth or just a way to help connect you on a deeper level with your pregnancy try Hypnobirthing.

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